Enderby entertainment is an innovative independent film company with an old-fashioned philosophy.

On the creative side, we put story first. On the financial side, we believe in making money when our investors do.

Now, you may think that this should be obvious.  We agree. You might think that every film company would subscribe to those beliefs.  If so, you might be disappointed.  We are different.  We practice what we preach.

Founded in 2006 by partners Rick Dugdale and Daniel Petrie, Jr., Los Angeles-based Enderby Entertainment is an independent film, television and digital media financing and production company.  Our films include An Ordinary Man starring Ben Kingsley, Hera Hilmar and Peter Serafinowicz; Blackway starring Anthony Hopkins, Julia Stiles, Ray Liotta, Alexander Ludwig and Hal Holbrook;  Christmas at Rosemont starring Grace Zabriskie, Brad Dourif, and Michael Gross; Dawn Patrol, starring Scott Eastwood, Rita Wilson, Jeff Fahey, Chris Brochu and Kim Matula; and About Cherry, starring James Franco, Heather Graham, Ashley Hinshaw and Dev Patel. 

Post production has just finished on an exciting collection of three stylish thrillers: The Intrigo AnthologyIntrigo: Death of an AuthorIntrigo: Dear Agnes; and Intrigo: Samaria. These features star Ben Kingsley, Benno Fürmann, Carla Juri, Gemma Chan, Phoebe Fox, Andy Buchan and Jeff Fahey.

Enderby on locations in Serbia, Belgium, Croatia and Slovenia is an exciting trilogy of thrillers: Intrigo: Death of an AuthorIntrigo: Dear Agnes; and Intrigo: Samaria.

Enderby Entertainment’s genre division, Tony-Seven Films, has produced The Speak, Vile, 5 Souls, A Haunting at Silver Falls, No Tell Motel and Blood Shed. Tony-Seven Films is now in post-production on its first sequel, A Haunting at Silver Falls II, with a second sequel, No Tell Motel II, in active development.

The mission of Enderby Entertainment is to identify compelling, story-driven motion pictures and television projects which we can add value to by producing them at the lowest possible cost consistent with no-compromise, first-class quality.