Set in Antarctica, Beneath tells the story a group of international scientists who are unknowingly brought to a secret research station. Their reason for being there, an object buried deep beneath the ice, thousands of years old and its origins unknown. 

Enderby Entertainment is proud to announce it is teaming up with the German based The Amazing Film Company to produce a new original content TV thriller: BENEATH. The 10-episode series in an original idea developed by Enderby Rick Dugdale. Beneath is described by Enderby President, Rick Dugdale, as being a “meeting of The X Files Lost.” 

Beneath is being kept under wraps, but we can confirm that the series will focus on a group of scientists who discover something shocking hidden deep beneath the Antarctic ice.

Rick Dugdale adds “What do we really know about what’s going on in Antarctica, the world’s most extreme — and potentially most important — continent? … With geopolitical upheaval and signs of pronounced global warming becoming clearer, we are taking the audience into a world they’ve never quite seen or known before, which will be a real adventure for all of us. We’re about to encounter what lies beneath.”