Rick Dugdale is an 18 year veteran of the film and television industry as well as the music industry.  Dugdale’s latest film Go With Me, starring Anthony Hopkins will have it’s world premiere at the 72nd Venice Film Festival.

Rick Dugdale

Enderby Entertainment co-founder, president and CEO Rick Dugdale oversees all aspects of finance and production for Enderby.  He serves as producer or executive producer on all Enderby Entertainment projects, including Go With Me, Rosemont, Dawn Patrol and About Cherry. Dugdale also serves as CEO of Tony-Seven Films, Enderby Entertainment’s thriller division; he served as executive producer on The Speak, Vile and 5 Souls and as producer on A Haunting at Silver Falls, No Tell Motel and Blood Shed. Dugdale also spearheads Enderby Entertainment’s worldwide relationships with its community of investors.


Dugdale joined Daniel Petrie, Jr. & Company as Vice President, Production in 2003 before becoming a full partner in the company in 2004.  He then founded Enderby Entertainment with Petrie in 2006. Prior to teaming up with Petrie, Dugdale gained extensive experience in physical production in his native British Columbia, working at all budget levels in both feature film and television.  During this period, Dugdale was responsible for negotiating with local and provincial governments some of the most complex and extensive location filming agreements to date.  Dugdale also gained experience in public sector financing and investor relations while working in oil, gas and uranium markets.

Dugdale is a member of the Producers Guild of America, Directors Guild of Canada.